One night in late September 2010, a strange little girl wearing fishnets and fake blood wandered in off the streets, muttering something about duct tape and Repo the Gentic Opera. Now we can't get her to go away. We figured that it would be nice to give her a home once a month, where she can fulfill her undying love for Mickey mouse ears, gold sequins, french maid costumes, and corsets.

It's true... sex is part of the mystique of Rocky Horror. It's true also that many of the regulars might be described as sluts. However Bella seems to pull it off with a grace and charm unseen before in Charlotte. We've heard rumors that she has traveled here from the far lands of Raleigh, NC. Where she had to leave her beloved home cast of The Low Down Cheap Little Punks in search of new casts to bring to a satisfactory level of corruption.

She has played many roles for us, but she'd like to eventually boast having played every part. She can generally be seen playing Trixy during "Lips" or having fun making the audience laugh, scream, play etc... before the preshow fun. So if you want to, come up and say "Hi". We promise she won't bite...hard.

When she's not tap dancing her way into oblivion, she can be found singing karaoke and making people question their life choices. Sometimes she likes to randomly wander aimlessly through walmart wearing crazy outfits, playing with toys and singing to the songs playing on the com system (or in her head)

Sometimes we wonder... But then we stop...