He doesn’t smoke.

He doesn’t drink.

He doesn’t do drugs.

He’s only ever had one sexual partner.

Who let this guy in?

Kenneth is a man of extremes. When you first meet him, he’ll clam up and not talk. Once you get him to open up, you can’t get him to shut up. He lives to defy stereotypes, and that is where ROCKY HORROR fits in. By day he’s a mild-mannered factory worker, slaving away at a job that no one even knows exists. By night he’s lost in the world of cinema, new and old, long and short, live action and animated, stereo and silent, foreign and English, etc., etc., etc. He’s never afraid to stand up for what he believes in, yet he’ll gladly play devil’s advocate in any situation. His main ambition in life is to be a film director. Think Stanley Kubrick meets Chantal Akerman with a dash of Charles Chaplin.



…ahh, I didn’t think so.